Aligning With Autumn Energies

Aligning With Autumn Energies

Although many of us who live in urban areas rarely live lives that are heavily impacted by the seasons the way we would expect from agrarian lifestyles, there are still many ways that the autumn season impacts us. The Fall season has a way of impacting our mental and physical well-being, whether it is because of the shorter, darker days or because of seasonal depression and anxiety set in. Regardless of the reasons for the shift, we can all admit that there is a shift in energies around this season, and it is important that we do the necessary work to align with autumn energies in order to be the best you this Fall. Join us at Purlife, as we explore autumn energies and how we can pivot to align with them.

The Energy of the Fall Season

Autumn is a time for harvesting the fruits of our labor – both literally and figuratively – and beginning a long process of reflection and renewal. Autumn energies represent the beginning of a deeply introspective journey where you can reflect and assess your year so far and make any necessary adjustments as you move forward. Here are a few ways that you can align your energies with autumn energies.

1. Practice Gratitude Meditation

A great way to align your energies with the energies of the autumn is to practice gratitude meditation. Coincidently, many of us celebrate Thanksgiving right in the middle of autumn. This is a celebration of gratitude and giving thanks for all of the blessings that we have in our lives, and it fits perfectly with the theme of reflection and appreciation. Make gratitude mediation a regular part of your autumn ritual by taking 15 minutes to meditate and reflect on all of the things in your life that you are grateful for.

2. Make Simple Lifestyle Changes

As we mentioned before, feeling the effects of seasonal depression because of the short days and typically inclement weather can have you feeling down. Prepare your body and your mind for this shift by making simple lifestyle changes that offset that. Increase how active you are around this time of year by going on morning walks or by taking up an active hobby. Additionally, making small changes to your diet around this time of year can have a big impact. Cut out fast food and junk food and replace them with healthier options.

3. Eat Seasonally

When you really want to align your lifestyle with autumn energies, you should try to eat as seasonally as possible. Eating foods that are seasonally available can help you become more aligned with the autumn energies, and this is also a great way to eat healthy ingredients that are in their peak seasons. Fruits and vegetables such as apples, beets, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, and cauliflower are great seasonal ingredients available around this time of year.