How to Start Meditating

How To Start Meditating

As the world gets smaller and busier, it can be easy to get caught in the fast pace race that takes us from one day into the next without spending much time reflecting, relaxing, or contemplating. That’s where meditation comes in. Meditation is an age-old practice that can bring help you find a lot of quiet, inner peace that is absolutely crucial to your well-being. While this practice is very old, many people are new to it. That’s okay. At Purlife, we’re here to help you start meditating so that you can find a calming way to help yourself become more mindful through this wonderful practice.

Pick a Crystal or Gemstone

Although it is not always necessary, depending on the kind of meditation that you are practicing, many people prefer to meditate with a gemstone or crystal in hand. There is a wide array of crystals that each have a different property, from rose quartz to amethyst and everything in between. Crystals are thought to help you open your chakras and find balance. Each crystal has a different attribute, so it is important to research which crystals will help you achieve your goals the most.

Create a Calming Space

Meditating, you will want to do it in a quiet, calming place that allows you to focus. While having a designated space for meditation is not a requirement, it may help you to find a quiet place where you can sit and concentrate.

Some people who have more experience meditating have learned to block out distractions and can meditate at their office or on public transit, but when you are starting it will help you to have an intimate and quiet space.

If it helps you, you can adjust the lighting in this space to create a nice atmosphere. Play with different colored lightbulbs, use a Himalayan salt lamp, listen to calming nature sounds, etc.

Focus on Your Intentions

Once you have the healing crystal of your choice and a quiet space to meditate, it is time to focus on your breathing and your intentions. Some forms of meditation will have you recite a mantra repeatedly until you have blocked out all of the “noise” in your mind. Be mindful.

Be still and focus on your breathing, and as you get better and better at blocking out all of the distracting thoughts and noises, you will find that you will transcend into a deeper, quieter place in your mind.

Relax and Take Your Time

Think of your mind as an ocean. On the surface, there are waves, and those waves break and add to the noise, but under the surface, the water is quiet and still.

It will take a while to reach this deeper, quieter level of your mind. Be patient and allow yourself to reach this tranquil state.

Finally, meditation is like exercise. One workout will not give you 6-pack abs, and likewise, one meditation session will not bring you to your desired state of mind. It is something that you have to work on daily, so be prepared to relax and take your time when you start meditating.