Benefits of Crystal Infused Water Bottles

Benefits of Crystal Infused Water Bottles

Why do people use crystals? Crystals are used in order to heal the body, mind, and spirit. They are used for their energetic properties. You can find a crystal that suits your specific needs and energy. So let’s get started on answering all of your questions about crystal-infused water bottles!

Crystal-infused water bottles are an easy and affordable way to take advantage of the healing properties of these crystals, as well as help you stay hydrated by drinking more water!

So, what are the health benefits of crystal-infused water?

There are many benefits to infusing your water with crystals. Before we go into the details, it’s important to understand that all crystals are positively charged. This means that they impart their energy to the water, which is an excellent conductor of energy. It’s similar to how a crystal radio works; it’s the natural energy of the crystal that “attracts” the electromagnetic waves, which can then be transmitted as sound through the speaker.

Water can be charged with crystal energy by simply placing a gemstone near a cup or glass of water for an hour or so, but ideally, overnight is even better (5 hours minimum). You can also place your crystal directly in your cup as long as it fits, and you don’t mind having chunks of quartz stuck in your teeth after each gulp! The gemstone will draw out tiny amounts of minerals from itself and into the water, leaving it infused with its unique healing properties.

The best thing about using gems to charge your water is that you literally cannot overdose on their magic—the stones will only let out whatever healing qualities are needed at any given time and not exceed this amount. So, for example, if you want more love or courage in your life, drink rose quartz-infused water throughout the day and night until you feel better (which may happen within 2 days!), then stop drinking it and wait until you need some extra confidence again before starting back up with another batch.

There is much more to holistic health than meets the eye.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering, how does this all apply to crystal-infused water bottles? Well, it all goes back to the molecular structure of water. You see, molecules are easily affected by everything around them. They pick up vibrations and frequencies from the environment, which is why the science community is constantly urging us to clear our minds while drinking water because they want us to avoid polluting our minerals with negative energies. The same applies to crystals.

Crystals have their own unique molecular structure that emits vibrations and frequencies. They can benefit your holistic health when consumed as water. In fact, crystal-infused water bottles have been shown in studies to increase vitality levels on average by 600%. This means you stay hydrated and healthy throughout your busy day!

What are the benefits of using crystals in your everyday life?

  • Crystals are used to balance your chakras, promote healing and well-being, help you manifest your desires, and attract the energy that is beneficial to your well-being.
  • They may be used to increase the potency of visionary work, meditation, and manifestation practices.
  • Crystal therapy is an alternative medical technique in which crystals are used as a healing tool.
  • The practitioner places crystals on different parts of the body. Often corresponding with the seven chakras or energy centers within the body.
  • Some practitioners believe these stones gain power from their natural origins in order to heal and enhance human energy systems

It’s all about vibrations!

Naturally, we assumed that the healing effects came from the water itself. But after some digging, we learned that the real power comes from the crystal. If you’re not familiar with crystals’ energy-healing properties, here’s a quick recap:

Each crystal has a different vibration, and these vibrations are what affect our body and mind. The water acts as an amplifier for these vibrations. So by drinking your crystal-infused water, you’re basically absorbing all of its positive energy.