How Do Negatively Charged Ions Affect People?

How Do Negatively Charged Ions Affect People

Have you heard about the incredible benefits that negatively charged ions could have on your everyday life? We don’t often think about negative ions because they are invisible to the naked eye, but we know that these particles are very much present in the air that we breathe— more so outdoors than indoors. With all of the evidence that we have about negatively charged ions, it’s no surprise that people are embracing negative ion bracelets more than ever before!

Negative Ions Improve Air Quality

Did you know that negative ions improve indoor air quality? That’s right! At the atomic level, negatively charged ion oxygen molecules (O2) attach to other air molecules, such as H2O molecules, to create H2O2 in the atmosphere, which eliminates impurities in the air that you breathe. That’s why in nature, where you have a dense concentration of negative ions, you also have cleaner, safer air to breathe than you would deep inside an office building where there are fewer negative ions.

Ions Deactivate Allergens and Bacteria

As we just explained, the process by which negative ions improve indoor air quality by neutralizing harmful molecules in the air. Negative ions also deactivate allergens and bacteria in the air. Cleaner indoor air quality means that there will be fewer allergens in the air minimizing allergies, asthma, and respiratory illness.

Negative Ions Have Been Shown to Improve Sleep

The ability to fall asleep in the presence of negative ions has been studied extensively at universities and departments of health and wellness, architecture, and civil engineering, seeking to find the best ways to incorporate negative ions into people’s everyday lives. Studies have shown that when people are exposed to negative ions in a high concentration, they can fall asleep easier.

More Sleep and Better Air Quality Make for a Better Mood

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that when people have a better sleep and breathe in better air. They have an overall mood shift. A well-rested person who has fewer respiratory problems, allergies, or sickness is going to feel better one day today. That’s a no-brainer! Many who wear negative ion bracelets and surround themselves with negative ion-generating stones have reported overall mood improvement.

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