How to Bring Wellness in the Workplace

How to Bring Wellness in the Workplace

With eight hours sitting behind a computer screen and fast lunch breaks in between meetings, the typical workplace can take a physical and mental toll on our health. But luckily, companies and brands are making the switch to modern-day methods to promote healthier lifestyles within the office space.

Wellness and health should not be considered an expensive investment, but rather a lifestyle that can affect the happiness and well-being of employees. Check out these nine easy ways to bring positive vibes to the workplace.

9 Simple Ways to Bring Wellness into the Workplace

1. Crystals

Healing or meditation crystals can bring a combination of exquisite decor and several health benefits in whatever space they’re in. From amethyst to tourmaline, this is an array of different crystals that everyone can reap positive energy from.

2. Add office plants

According to studies, indoor plants can provide major benefits to employees in an office. Not only do they reduce stress and increase productivity, but they promote healthy air quality which means fewer sick employees and an aesthetically pleasing work environment.

3. Aromatherapy

Bring a healthy aroma to your office space with essential oils. You don’t have to worry about sensitive individuals because they are derived from plants. As a natural alternative to candles and scent sprays, essential oils can de-stress and bring a nice aroma throughout the office.

4. Build a positive, supportive space

We spend at least eight hours (sometimes even more!) in our work which means there needs to be a positive culture for employees to be inspired and happy. Find a system that works well within your workplace for you all to bond and encourage each other. From rethinking office layouts, having an inspiration board, or giving each other shoutouts for great work, there are many ways to help others reach their goals.

5. Healthy snacks

Ditch those morning donuts and fast food catering and provide the workplace with fresh, healthy options. From fruit platters and energy bars, having a variety of wholesome foods increases energy, productivity, and positive mood.

6. Stay hydrated

Encourage your employees to stay hydrated throughout the day with a water cooler they can easily refill. Staying hydrated is key to healthy employees!

7. Get up and move

Sedentary desk jobs can take a toll on our posture, eye strain, and our overall weight. Take breaks in between hours to get the blood flowing. This also can help our brain with productivity and getting inspired.

8. Create a work and life balance

There are many ways to create a balance between work and life outside of work. Find a system that works for your employees that will provide that type of balance. Offering flexible work hours, finding time for families in the office, and offering mandatory vacation time, gives employees a healthy break from work and time to work on their physical and mental health.

9. Celebrate together

A team that stays together, and celebrates together. Celebrate goals and victories in the workplace no matter how big or small. You can coordinate outside celebrations or a simple breakfast buffet with rewarding toast!