Refreshing Infused Water Recipes

Refreshing Infused Water Recipes

There are so many health benefits to drinking infused water. From detoxing to treating bloating, infused water is very simple to make at home and easy for on-the-go travel. The combinations of infused water are endless! From your favorite fruits, vegetables, and herbs, water infusion are great for people who are looking to amp up their water intake or other health goals. In a nutshell how it works is when nutrients seep out into the water, your body can consume more vitamins and minerals. Step up your hydration game with these refreshing water-infused recipes!

Infused Water Remedy Ideas

1. Immune Boosters

Lemon + Orange + Mint
Mango + Cucumber + Ginger
These recipes are amazing at boosting your immune system and even digestion. Lemon and mint are great at aiding with digestion and cucumber is the ultimate hydrator. Consider any citrus fruit for Vitamin C and antioxidant benefits!

2. Detox

Lemons + Strawberries + Apple + Mint + Cinnamon
Strawberries + Pomegranate
Lemon + Ginger
Lemon + Lime + Grapefruit + Cucumber
Blueberries + Oranges
Watermelon + Strawberries
The combinations for detox recipes are infinite! Find a combination that you like using these fruits, veggies, and herbs and you can come up with your own cocktail. Berries, mint, and ginger have great detoxifying properties that work wonders for flushing our bodies of toxins. Remember, when using melon fruits they can get soggy or mushy so be sure to drink them no more than 2-3 days after infusion.

3. Weight Loss/Metabolism

Ginger + Cucumber + Lemon
Lemon + Lime + Green Tea
Cinnamon + Green Tea + Strawberries
Mint + Lemon
Stop bloating, increase your metabolism, and stop bloating with these delicious recipes! Green tea is a powerhouse ingredient when it comes to your metabolic rate and weight loss. Not only do you feel more energized, but it promotes fat burning at a very low calorie count. Don’t forget too that add mint and other fruits for a refreshing flavor.

4. Blood Pressure

Kiwi + Guava + Passion Fruit
Pomegranate + Cherry + Kiwi
Water-infused recipes don’t just stop at weight management and detoxifying! It can even help lower blood pressure and circulation. Kiwi is a main ingredient to use for infusing because it aids in blood and heart health. Kiwi is also great for reducing sodium in your body because of its high potassium content.


The water-infusing process takes about 24-48 hours. Be sure to drink your infused water after 3 days of infusing.

In conclusion, infused water is an easy and tasty way to get more water in your diet. Not only does it make drinking more enjoyable, but it is also an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their consumption of sugary drinks.

Plus, the endless combinations mean that you are sure to find a few favorites. With these delicious recipes, you can have a new and refreshing drink every day. Be creative and experiment with different flavors – don’t forget that the sky’s the limit!