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Are you getting enough sleep but still feel tired? There might be some sneaky reasons as to why this is happening. Luckily, you can easily fix them. The following are sneaky reasons why you’re always tired: You’re Not Getting Enough Vitamin D Think about your body clock. People who are often exposed to natural light, […]

Often times when people decide to live a healthy lifestyle, they often referred to exercising and eating better. However, sleeping well doesn’t seem to be a vital part of their routine. But we think it should be. The following is a healthy guide to sleep better: Wake Up on Schedule When you want to quality […]

It’s no secret; drinking water has a lot of benefits to the body. Its popularity continues to be heavily discussed in the media as many celebrities spill their skin care secrets. Still, it’s not a surprise to know that water is good for the body. Water keeps us hydrated which is an important factor when you […]

When you’re preparing for a marathon, it’s okay to train for the entire year. After all, a marathon is a strenuous exercise that many people embark. Simply going unprepared is not recommended as it can take a toll on the body. First, you start small and increase your training as your body adapts to the progress. […]

Athletes train hard whether that’s to accomplish a competition or maintain their body. When it comes to being in shape, there’s a lot of grit, planning, time and determination involved. Every step makes a difference towards success. So when you’re an athlete, you want every product that will ease your performance just to make things […]

After a walk through the woods, have you ever wondered why you feel enlightened? Well, you can thank negative ions for this! For years, scientists have been trying to understand the mechanisms behind biodiversity and how it improves the health. This all started after Japanese scientists traveled to Yakushima which was popular for its ecosystem. The […]

Food companies use the holidays to market their food to a whole new level, example: Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING. Consumers then purchase these processed foods and eat those alongside their daily meals. What some people don’t realize, is the fact they are consuming almost 58% of their daily calories in just processed food with 10% of […]

Cities are filled with positive ions as it secludes itself from the great outdoors. Trees, plants, grass and other negative ion producers are hardly found in such places because how industrialized every city has become. So what’s there to do when one can’t simply visit the great outdoors? Make negative ions, of course! Negative Ions […]

As of July, the USDA has announced the ban of unhealthy snacks in schools. The program, Smart Snacks in School, was implemented in 2014, but it was enforced this year. Instead of selling junk food in schools, healthy options will be in place. See Also: Boost Your Children’s Well-being With the Outdoors According to USDA […]

Schools are accustomed to staying indoors to learn about science, mathematics, language and everything else in between. Non-classroom settings are much of a hassle as teachers feel the need to control their students to settle down and pay attention to the lessons. Still, there are reasons as to why we believe the outdoors heightens their […]

Positive and negative ions are all around us. Some places have more positive ions while other areas are rich in negative ions. Wherever you go, keep your mind open to these elements as they contribute to your wellbeing. Negative ion helps alleviate your body while positive ions provide the opposite. Who knew negative could be […]

Have you ever sat on your chair for a long period of time just to realize that you’re suffering from a headache? It’s one of the most bothersome issues in the workplace, but it’s also unnecessary. How about feeling sluggish in  the middle of the day? If it’s lethargy sounds like a common problem for […]

Many consumers associate unhealthy eating habits with economic hardship. Those who can afford healthy food tend to be well off in comparison to those who opt to junk food. To many, it’s easier to pick the cheaper option claiming that it’s easier in their wallets. The battle between unhealthy and healthy food has raised some […]

There are many ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but starting it should always be with a negative ion bracelet. Why? Negative ions are packed with good energy that is dubbed as the vitamins of the air. While many people look past this essential element, we like to immerse ourselves in all the healthful benefits […]

Besides advocating for negative ions, we believe that eating your way to a healthy lifestyle goes a long way. If you’re looking for another avenue to consume healthy food, we think it’s safe to say that opting for affordable options is better than, well… Breaking your wallet! After all, who doesn’t want the extra cash […]

What would you say if we told that you can bring clean air on the go? You’d probably say that we’re crazy because fresh air and the city don’t have a harmonizing relationship. But did you know that wearing Purlife’s negative ion bracelet is like carrying fresh air everywhere you walk? RELATED: Four Health Benefits […]

It’s finally the second month of the year which can mean two things: you’ve broken your New Year’s Resolution, or you’re continuing your pursuit to better yourself. Whatever your answer is, it’s safe for us to say that we all desire to live a life full of morning gym sessions and an absolute tolerance to […]

It’s an involuntary act to breathe oxygen. Our lungs automatically use muscles to ultimately work without requiring you to do anything further than just that. The air that we breathe is not only a necessity to our daily lives, but it is also an essence to survive. We tend to easily ignore the importance of oxygen that we […]

It would be a shame if negative ions didn’t exist while you’re hiking in the great outdoors. It’s even more pitiful that there’s hardly any of them circulating in the city. With so much technology causing fatigue, the showdown between positive vs. negative ions is a consistent clash. The good news is, negative ions may […]

When you’re residing in the city, pollution is everywhere. You wish to breathe clean air, but that’s not an option when cars, buildings, factories, and many industrial sectors are everywhere. Your options tend to become limited when you have little control over this matter. Out of desperation, you start to think about how much your […]

Positive ions may sound pleasant to the body, given that it has a rather charming demeanor to it, but don’t let the word fool you. In fact, positive ions are stress-inducing culprits that cause headaches, fatigue and weakness. The fact is, positive ions are found in common household items such as computers, cell phones, microwaves, […]

Negative ions are a bit of magical element that emits positive influences to people who are exposed to them. They’ll find themselves happier and energized because of the excellent health benefits that negative ions warrant. And what better way is it to immerse oneself to these components by traveling the US to find the most […]

On a regular day basis, we don’t stop to think about the atomical processes that happen in our body. Why should we? But the fact is, atoms are the beautiful components that make us, well… Us! Atoms are everywhere. Everywhere as in, they are in our body, the chair you’re sitting on, the monitor you’re […]

Atoms with a different number of protons and electrons are called ions. When the number of electrons is greater than protons, it is called a negative ion. On the contrary, positive ions are composed of more protons than electrons. The focus here is negative ions, and why they are beneficial for the mind, body and […]

We need exposure to negative ions to remain more positive in life.  While it may sound a little backward at first – negative ions are quite good for us because these tiny little molecules clean the air around us by attaching themselves to positive ions, whether from dust, smoke, electronics, car exhaust or breathing – […]

Dr. Jacob, Professor of Physiology with the Public Sanitation Institute of Harvard University acclaims negative ions as “Vitamins of the Air.” Dr. Svante August Arrhenius, A Swedish chemist who received the Nobel Chemistry in 1903, discovered that the air is full of negative ions near waterfalls and forests. He formulated his theory of electrolytic dissociation, […]

Science has confirmed the health benefits of magnetic fields on the human body, but its use for healing dates back thousands of years. Throughout history, many cultures have believed in the ability of magnets to cure certain illnesses. Beginning with the people of India, China, and the eastern Mediterranean basis, this widespread knowledge extended to […]